Sometimes you know, you just know who you are and why you're on this planet, if not, chances are you randomly and occasionally hear that question in your head 'what is my purpose in life - what am I supposed to be doing here?' What is it you long to do that you know is your true heart's desire?

I've know - from a very early age that songwriting was why I am here, well songwriting chose me really. (Even if I wanted to stop...) the tunes, the lyrics that float through my head never leave - they are part of who I am and throughout my life I've done it a bit, a lot, full time, not at all, I've played live and composed many songs. 

My work is inspired by life (the good and the bad), my observations of it and experiences through it, and has in many ways been my cousellor, my friend, my bolt hole, my comfort and joy.

Like many creative folk, I do also work alongside my aspirations to work full time on my first true love, but hey, life is life and the work that I do keeps me grounded and is enjoyable! Making worldwide sales would, of course be most welcome, but more importantly sharing my songs and getting them out there for others to enjoy is the priority!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy producing it, of course if you wanted to download your own copy that would be awesome, (you will have seen the link to buy on the front page), but it is possible to preview each song in it's entirety so you can simply enjoy them. 

Do leave a message if you have enjoyed what you've heard, I think it goes without saying in life that we all like to know when someone enjoys what we do, who we are, and lets us know, it brings validation and comfort knowing that even one person has noticed. 

Much love to you whoever you are - the world certainly needs more love right now! 

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